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    LOTRO F2P - Lord of the Rings Online

    Anyone interested in starting some characters in LOTRO and playing for a bit?
    There's a 'LOTRO Pickup' thread from 2011 but I don't think there's been much doing in the last year. I've never played myself, been playing for the last few days and finding it quite enjoyable. I've got a character on Withywindle if anyone wants to give it a try. It's free to play (pay to shortcut, but you dont need to spend anything)

    Here are some people who are playing on Withywindle

    Gorm: Mrog / Brundulf
    President Weasel: Annilgael (random name generator for the win)
    Palindrome: Somerled
    Gl3n (he is from Eurogamer, but don't be afraid): Pintchap
    Kelron: Fatto
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