Hey RPeeps

My rig can no longer run games that have come out in the last couple of years at max video settings. And I won't be upgrading anytime soon.

Here's my question and were I would like you experience to weigh in.

In order to run games at acceptable frame rates whilst trying to keep the most beautiful output possible, do you think the better approach is:

- Lower the resolution (my native is 1920x1200) e.g. 1440x900 but try and keep texture, shader etc quality as high as possible
- Keep native resolution but lower all other settings

I honestly struggle. Sometimes the upscaling involved in lowering resolution makes things look like shit, whilst sometimes lowering e.g. texture or model details makes it look even more like shit.

Any thoughts on this topic? Is there some kid of strategy I could apply other than spending the day doing all sorts of combinations until I find it acceptable?

ps: and just because I can, I'll even add a poll for the funs!