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    Rock Dota Thumper: Do we already have a Firefall group going?

    Hey chaps

    I must say that after getting a beta invite and spending a few hours in Firefall, I've gown rather fond of it. It has a lot of little things going for it that I like. Not to mention that it actually runs on my machine and looks pretty. It's a shame about the way they handle PvP but is sounds like co-op PvE will really keep it spicy.

    Since this is a true co-op game, I would love to get a little group going together to enjoy FF in the company of RPS chums.

    Does this group already exist?

    ps: I'm known as nCore in game
    pps: I have 5 beta keys to give away, pm me with your email address if interested, first come first served.

    We have a steam group! Rock Paper Thumper
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