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    The Leak Thread: Rumours and Clues of upcoming PC games/ports

    Steam Database App

    Let's take a look at some recent additions:

    ValveTestApp209320 (Steam Wallet Trading)
    Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition (Duke Nukem 3D+)

    ValveTestApp224340 (Fast and Furious 6)
    ValveTestApp223650 (FEAR Online)

    ValveTestApp223280 (Cut the Rope)

    ValveTestApp223100 (Homefront 2)

    ValveTestApp227780 (Serious Sam: Revolution)

    ValveTestApp222260 (Europa Universalis IV - BETA)

    ValveTestApp219260 (QUantum Conundrum 2)

    ValveTestApp219110 (The Hobbit)

    ValveTestApp206420 (Saints Row Episode 4)
    ValveTestApp203270 (Saints Row IV)

    ValveTestApp216760 (Halo: Combat Evolved)

    ValveTestApp216780 (Halo 2)
    ValveTestApp216800 (Halo 3)
    ValveTestApp205890 (Runescape)
    ValveTestApp211560 (Crysis 2 GOTY)
    ValveTestApp204450 (Call of Juarez Gunslinger)
    ValveTestApp202800 (Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter Nights Complete)
    ValveTestApp202780 (Dungeons & Dragons Anthology: The Master Collection)
    ValveTestApp210550 (Angry Birds Space)

    ValveTestApp210540 (Angry Birds Seasons)

    ValveTestApp209910 (Peter Jackson's King Kong)

    ValveTestApp102300 (World of Tanks)
    ValveTestApp210530 (Angry Birds Rio)

    ValveTestApp224400 (LucasArts Test App)

    Baldur's Gate 2: Complete (Baldur's Gate 2 - Complete)
    ValveTestApp107410 (Arma 3 Alpha)

    ValveTestApp91300 (Sacred 3)

    ValveTestApp72790 (Prey2)

    ValveTestApp44350 (GRID 2)
    ValveTestApp71340 (Total War: Cavemen)

    ValveTestApp65160 (Bus Simulator)

    ValveTestApp65150 (Ship Simulator)

    ValveTestApp221520 (Civ V - Frankenstein)

    Saw2 (Saw 2)
    ValveTestApp32520 (Star Wars Generic Shooter )
    ValveTestApp32320 (Lego Star Wars 2)

    Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault (Medal of Honor Pacific Assault)

    ValveTestApp9020 (Return to Castle Wolfenstein Enemy Territory)
    ValveTestApp220050 (The Walking Dead : Survival Instinct)

    ValveTestApp224760 (Fez)

    ValveTestApp33000 (Rise of Nations Gold)

    Halo 3, Saints Row Episode 4 and Furious 6 even have Steam Community Hubs. There might be more to discover!

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