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    Looking for cheap Prison architect style games

    Hello guys,

    This is the first time posting something on this forums, so, hello!

    I'm looking for a game like Prison Architect for something around 5 euros, I want it to have resource management like PA and the drawing style. Id love to find a game like this and experience the learning again, and mastering it in the end. Hope you guys know something ;).

    Sincerely, Scarko

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    If you want to experience months, if not years of learning at the risk of possibly never mastering it and you want all that for free then you could give Dwarf Fortress a try. It's a fundamentally different game and really, really doesn't have the same art style (since it basically has no art style whatsoever), but it's clearly one of PA's biggest influences.

    Apart from that... Have you played some of the classics like Dungeon Keeper or Theme Hospital? Startopia? Maybe even Evil Genius?
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    There's Rimworld. The artstyle is heavily inspired from Prison Architect's (with the blessing of Introversion) and the game is kinda like a modern, more accessible Dwarf Fortress (which is the best, deepest game of the sort there is, as Procrastination Giant said, you should try it and see if it clicks).

    Don't know about the price but it's early access and last time I played it 6 months ago it was really good with already a lot to do and see.

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