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    Witcher 2's tutorial is pretty horrible, with its here's-a-bunch-of-information-really-fast-hope-you-take-it-all-in-because-here's-a-big-fight-you-have-to-do-well-in-for-us-to-not-think-you're-bad-at-games-and-recommend-you-play-on-baby-difficulty databurst.

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    Also, I couldn't do a riposte and thus complete that miserable excuse for a tutorial until I sheathed and then unsheathed the sword, of course I had to google that one, game never told me.
    Oh yes -- and the way you have to use only the one skill you're being instructed in and NOTHING ELSE in order to proceed, and the bit where you're being told to use throwing knives and the tutorial is telling you all about how if you hold down the throw button you can aim more precisely but it turns out that it's FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE to aim like that* and you're better off just tapping it and letting the auto aim do the work.

    * with a 360 pad, because there's no way to adjust look sensitivity

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    Seriously - before the internet, how the fuck did people work out how games worked!?
    Once upon a time, games came with manuals.
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