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    In general I've only funded games I either think need something like Kickstarter or are from a dev studio I have confidence in to want to support. They also tend to be the lower cost ones. I tend to avoid things that are in the order of hundreds of thousands of dollars...

    FTI: Faster Than Light

    Very happy about this one. Came out pretty quickly with a very playable beta version. Played dozens of hours and they just kept adding to it. Will probably go back to it in six months time to get all the versions of the ships.

    Wasteland 2
    Updates are slim, but it's a big game. I expect to be in the long-run for this one.

    Carmageddon Reincarnation
    The only one where nostalgia was a factor (I came to Fallout 1&2 late, so wasteland doesn't count here). The videos & details they've put out in updates make me pretty certain I was right about this one.

    Tropes vs Women in Video Games
    Because whilst this is not the best way to deal the 'the problem' it's someone doing something. I don't buy a some of her analysis. Her flavour of feminism is not one I would entirely buy into. But feminist voices need supporting, regardless of the constant in-fighting between feminist positions.

    Also: for the sake of being really hipster, I was reading Feminist Frequency before this kickstarter and funded before she went public about the harrasment. I'll probably wrap some of her work into my feminism lectures. Getting undergrads engaged with feminism is a fucking up hill struggle at the best of times, might as well link it directly with pop culture.

    Dead State
    See Wasteland 2

    Because Ice Pick Lodge.
    Also their updates are bloody wonderful. From the start the whole project toys with fiction, reality and absurdity. Like many good stories it starts with an enigmatic letter.

    Sir, you are being hunted
    English countryside Stalker. Sold. Updates have been regular and full of info.
    All other kickstarter projects: See Sir for how to do updates & keep supporters feeling like something's happening with their cash.

    I <3 these kinds of games, and maia is purty. More updates would be welcome...

    Fairly confident about this one. Just release the damned thing already!

    This is basically "Geography: The Game". I'm an academic geographer, so this gets my money. Played the old version, so a polished, complete one will be welcome. I'm expecting this to be a shortish turnaround.
    Because Kingdom of Dragon Pass
    Too early to say much about this...
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    Castle Story, Star Citizen and Project Eternity. I'll reserve my judgment until after the games are released, but I think they're all looking great so far.

    I'm sad I missed the Dead State fund. I followed that game for ages, and lost interest in it for a few months. Turns out they made a Kickstarter in that exact timeframe. Oh well.

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    Planetary Annihilation because I want to believe! I think the team can pull it off. Also my expectations are fairly low anyway so I guess I can't be disappointed unless they stop work.

    Limit Theory because it sounds like my best hope for the space game I've always wanted. Looks like a vastly expanded Freelancer without the Freelancer storyline. I just want some of the mechanics of X3 with Freelancer's easy to pick up gameplay.

    Maia because you all told me to.

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    So far, just CLANG unless we're counting tabletop.

    I tried to back Sir, You Are Being Hunted but it wouldn't take my card. I finally realized there was a Paypal late into the game at which point my Kickstarting wasn't really needed as Stretch goals were dropping like flies and I couldn't help with the stretch goals via Paypal. I figured I could buy it on release if I'm still interested by then (I don't see why I wouldn't be).

    CLANG, though. Almost undoubtedly not going to be worth it, but I'm withholding judgement. We live and learn. I almost didn't back the thing, and the thing that brought me over the edge was their dedication to providing chunks of the finished system to other games ... even if they do so as a pay-for engine rather than open reference documents, I was excited about the prospect of high-fidelity, motion-control sword games happening as a result of this Kickstarter's legacy.

    The updates have slowed to a crawl, though, and the team clearly has a lot of business savvy and enough connections for one of their few updates since the Kickstarter ended to mention meeting with investors. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, exactly, as this project probably wouldn't have gotten there without a Kickstarter and it was pretty clear that the crowd-funding wasn't supposed to be the beginning or the end of their budgeting ... just the lump sum they needed up front to really take the thing off the drawing board and into the room. But it's already clear that the Razor Hydra is going to have stiff competition relatively soon, and it's not very clear how easily CLANG is going to adapt to alternative peripherals ... I have other concerns, but that's really the big one for me. The Razor Hydra sounds great, but I'd hate to see the game engine turn out fabulously only to have it too tightly married to it's outclassed darling peripheral.

    It's essentially going to be multi-player only Lugaru as imagined by a bunch of history geeks with a particular passion for period-accurate sword training. That sounds just fine ... but not quite good enough for the sum I put in plus the cost of the peripheral. It was my first Kickstarter and I knew it was a bit of a hit-or-miss investment at the time, but I was generous. I've been more reserved since and at worst, the engine is crap and the legacy idea falls flat on it's face and I simply never bother to get a peripheral for the thing. I'm out $30 ($40? I forget now ... whatever the cheapest tier that included the game was). I've had the same happen to me with AAA titles that weren't as good as I thought they'd be from reviews and the advice of friends a few times and it happens rarely enough that I'm ok with that.
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    FTL: Not really sure why I backed this. Maybe it was cheap. It was released fairly swiftly and it's not bad but I got bored fairly quickly.
    The Banner Saga: Loved the art style, theme and gameplay idea. This is the 1 of only 2 projects I back for more than minimum price that included the game. The multi-player part has been released but it doesn't really interest me, and if anything has put me off the game a bit. Still I backed this for the single player so will wait and see. Lots of good, interesting updates for this.
    Wasteland 2: No idea why I backed this. Never played the original and not that big a fan of the Fallout games although I've completed most of them. Not really been paying attention to it.
    Double Fine Adventure: Again not sure why I backed this. While I like the idea of these kind of games I rarely actually like them in practice. Hopefully this is different.
    Shadowrun Returns: I think I just like the setting (although I know little about it). Love the look of recent screenshots for it, very much looking forward to this 1 now.
    CLANG: Mostly backed because Neal Stephenson. I know I'm going to be disappointed as what I'm really after is Die by the Sword 2 and I never got a reply from them about whether we could cut our own limbs off in this. Also I'll probably have to spend a ton more to enjoy this due to controller requirement. Not many updates yet. Still Neal Stephenson.
    Project Eternity: The other project I backed for more than minimum price and I seriously considered backing for a $1000+ option (also almost didn't back - properly conflicted). Cannot wait. It will never live up to my expectations.
    Unwritten: Looks like it won't make it which is a shame although it looks very similar to Banner Saga in some respects. Really like the art style and gameplay idea.
    ROAM: I've not back this yet because I felt I didn't want to back another game just however if Unwritten fails I'll probably back this. The demo video looks really good.
    Maia: Wish I'd backed this but didn't for some reason. Probably similar reservations to ROAM about backing too many games.
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    I was determined to not Kickstart any games (at least not until a major one had been completed without any issues) due to my uncertainties with the system as a whole, but then I read today's article on Unwritten and pledged. It just sounds like such a great idea, and they were so far from their goal, that I'd feel kind of bad if I didn't try to get it made.

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    I backed DF Adventure and got a nice t-shirt and some entertaining videos from one of my old favorite developers.

    Probably get a decent adventure game thrown in for free. Don't regret it at all!

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    It wasn't on Kickstarter, but the funding concept was similar enough: Project CARS. It hasn't been released yet, and I've dabbled in the early releases every few months. So far it looks good, handles well, but hasn't really gotten me very excited. I do think the developers are moving the game in the right direction (variety of cars, tracks, difficulty, customizability etc.) so I'm curious what the first release version will be like.

    I haven't backed other projects, though.
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    Double Fine Adventure: Mostly because the LucasArts adventure games Tim did have such a mark on my developing years.
    Sherlock Holmes - Consulting Detective: Guilty pleasure of FMV games. Failed, but they came out on Desura, some I'm happy.
    Shadowrun Returns: Played this on the SNES, had a blast. Not terribly invested in it's success, but felt it deserved money.
    Wasteland 2: Enjoyed playing the old Fallout Games, figured Wasteland was a worthy cause.
    Banner Saga: The Austin Wintery soundtrack had me hooked, and the rest of the style and gameplay made me stay.
    Project Eternity: Much as I love Obsidian, when I saw they were super successful with their pledge drive, I pulled my pledge and gave it to...
    Nexus 2: Really wanted to see this funded. Made me sad when it didn't. Hate people now, you bastards.
    Star Citizen: My biggest and last pledge to any Kickstarter things. I can't think of any other lost-in-time favorites I'd like to see come back and do an old game I loved.

    I might chuck a few bucks to some indie games, but I think I'm tapped out of cash to give and favorites to rally around.

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    Wasteland 2 and Project Eternity. Because I love isometric RPG's and nobody makes them anymore, so I had no choice really? That's my excuse anyway.

    I very nearly backed Maia and The Banner Saga but held off because they are obviously a much bigger risk than the games above which have very big names behind them.

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    I thought that Banner Saga had some well respected people behind it? Not sure though.

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    I am in the same boat with Duff here. Backed Wasteland 2 and Project Eternity because isometric RPGs from well known developers. Also backed Dead State.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herzog View Post
    I am in the same boat with Duff here. Backed Wasteland 2 and Project Eternity because isometric RPGs from well known developers. Also backed Dead State.
    I really wish I had the money for Dead State.

    Quote Originally Posted by Track View Post
    I thought that Banner Saga had some well respected people behind it? Not sure though.
    Just some goobers out of Bioware as far as I know.

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    Double Fine
    Wasteland 2
    Banner Saga
    Grim Dawn
    Starlight Inception
    Dead State
    Tropes v Women
    Planetary Annihilation
    Project Eternity
    Sir, You Are Being Hunted
    Service Games - A History of Sega (Book)
    Sui Generis
    Limit Theory
    War for the Overworld

    Holy shit. I actually don't buy that many new games. Mind you got some at Christmas but try to limit my spending otherwise. It seems I just have a soft spot for helping dudes go make something they love because I'm sick of my own job and the low price for backing the game to then own it later on seems to be worth it.

    Also, I backed Damn Fine Coffee, a fan art book based on Twin Peaks.
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    Wasteland 2
    Shadowrun Returns
    The Banner Saga
    Carmageddon: Reincarnation
    Dead State
    Grim Dawn

    I also backed Ground Branch but it didn't meet its objective. So far only FTL has been completed but most of the rest should be ready this year; I'm not in a hurry though, I'm happy to wait until they're done cooking.
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    Backed Project Eternity, Wasteland 2, Expeditions: Conquistador and the Double Fine Adventure. Missed out on Maia, FTL, Xenonauts and Banner Saga, sadly.

    PE's emails and communication pace are perfect, I think, and Double Fine's videos are always excellent. I'm dying for more info on Wasteland 2.
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    None, have plenty games to play already, don't regret having not done so either or feel strongly about those who have, just don't need to spend more on games that I won't play when I have plenty of those already. I look forward to plenty of them being released however and think it's a good thing

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    I've backed,

    Republique Awesome stealth, tap and click (might qualify as point and click) for PC/iOS. The team behind it (MGS4, Halo 4, etc) is brilliant and already has some of the most stunning graphics on a handheld from kickstarter

    Wildman Because I'm a huge fan of Action RPGs and the RTS mixture excites me. As a Dota player, I can't wait to get my hands on it. The latest concept-art,

    actually tipped me over :D

    The plot is that you start out in the Stone age and progress through the eras, looting Technology, Items & Weapons from defeated tribes/camps, kingdoms, etc and shape your own path (and your character) throughout history.

    I'm yet to see such deep character progression that has been this open-ended, since character progression in most games controlled by a limited tech tree. Wildman on the other hand isn't constrained by a tech tree. Each persons' build - Tech, Weapons and Items are unique and no two players might have the same stats.

    Such solid game design influenced me to go ahead and pledge even though I was skeptical at first.

    Akaneiro: Demon Hunters American McGee's new ARPG based on Japanese Lore and the little Red riding hood was too interesting to pass, the artstyle didn't help either!

    Death, Inc., An awesome cutesy RTS from ex-Media Molecule devs. The art-style in this is astounding. I really loved the pitch and the rest is history.

    I would ask you all to please consider Wildman as the initial media didnt quite do justice to the concept behind the game. Newer updates have flushed them out. Check them out, you won't regret it!
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    i backed Elite:dangerous for purely nostalgic reasons. i also backed the sensible software book as that was was something i would have bought anyway.

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    Only ever backed Shadowrun Online. But right now I'm debating how much to sink into:

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