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    Any game collectors?

    I've always been a fan of older console games but recently have gained an interest in older 'big boxed' PC games, 90s through to early 2000 era. I like Steam as much as the next guy but I just love to have the physical boxed game on my shelf, which I usually then add to my Steam library anyway. Maybe it's just a phase but I like to have all the goodies they used to provide you with, maps, big hefty manuals. It's one of the reasons I like Bethesda so much.

    Does anyone have any games they're proud of? I'd love to get hold of the original Fallouts but they fetch a hell of a lot on Ebay. I've got my eye on the original Deus Ex though. Or maybe i'm just being lame with this whole thing. It dosnt have to be older games either, I try and acquire collectors editions of games if they're going at a good, profitable at a later date, price.
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