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    Games you wish to play with Oculus Rift

    It seems like this bad boy is going out soon so I'm surprise no one haven't thought about this question yet....

    So the question is:

    What are the top 5 games you wish to play with Oculus Rift?

    The rules:
    1. Please limit the number to only 5.
    2. Please specify the game's name or at least the game's series name (e.g. No 'all FPS')
    3. Please be logical (Mario with Oculus? Are you serious?)
    4. Games that already compatible with Oculus Rift are OK but that is already "wish come true", right?
    5. Also, discussions are welcome. After all, this is a forum.

    List of compatible (planned/confirmed) games:

    My lists:
    1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent
    2. ArmA III
    3. Fallout 4
    4. THI4F
    5. Bioshock Infinite
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