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Personally I think the Rift will have to integrate with other motion controllers to be properly amazing. That video of the Half Life 2 mod really blew me away, it has to be said.
I would be quite tempted to play something like Amnesia with this and the Razer Hydra. That could be pretty intense.

Then again, I'm not really sure why everyone is quite so excited about this. Is it not just sticking a screen right in front of your eyes? Why not just shove your face about against your monitor?

I just don't see this changing the way we play games or the types of games we are going to be able to play. To be honest, I find it very disappointing that this is getting so much attention from devs, when something like the Hydra or the PS Move are treated as very gimmicky and get zero support from anyone, even though they could be used to create games that are actually unique.