Hi friends,

Have any of you all played "A Few Acres of Snow" upon the website that is yucata.de? I have, and it is fun! (Especially if you like Dominion, cubes, and beavers, which I do).

But even though there are occasionally public invitations to A Few Acres of Snow games on yucata, I haven't the gumption to join them (especially since I'm still figuring out how the game works). And Mrs. Berzee wanted to stop playing after only three hours of colonial Canadian deckbuilding, for shame!

So, if anyone wants to add me (username: Berzee) to their yucata.de buddy list, maybe I will be able to play it some more. =P That would be nifty!

(no worries if you don't know how to play; they have a rather good rules video up there and a comprehensive online manual...you'll probably only spend your first game or two becoming enraged about tricky rules you had all but forgotten).