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    I would have absolutely no issue with these games if they were called something else. It's an insult to my intelligence when someone makes an FPS and calls it "Syndicate". Syndicate wasn't the brainiest game around and it wasn't very tactical, but the isometric view was part of the charm. A name carries certain expectations. I liked Syndicate (and a few others) for what they were, not for their name. Back then I had no idea what the word even means.
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    Oh I like this thread, I can go all out on it ;).
    The things that tick me off are as follows (not in any specific order);
    -Games that don't detect my desktop resolution upon first launch
    -Unskippable intros, cutscenes and dialogues
    -Press any key to continue
    -Quick time events
    -Fake accents
    -Only one volume slider
    -Non-adjustable graphics settings
    -Unnecessarily hidden save game folders
    -No quicksave/load
    -Severly limited save slots (Tomb Raider)
    -No FOV slider in games that should have it
    -It's 2013 and still rare to find a 64 bit game
    -Difficulty selection still doesn't affect NPCs' treating you like a 4-year-old
    -Non-toggable lens flare, bloom,...
    -Launch day DLCs
    -DLCs at expansion pack prices
    -Expansion packs at full game prices
    -Cutscenes with characters performing actions you can't during gameplay (jumping in ME,...)
    -Third person camera (AFAIK, no-one has gotten it right yet)
    -Endless sequels (Final Fantasy MMXIII,...)
    -Console ports
    -Console ports
    -Console ports
    -Console ports
    -Console ports...
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    Anything that makes getting in or out of the game more of a chore than it needs to be. Having to open a launcher before being able to start the game (including being forced to go through Steam or other platform when the game wasn't even purchased via that medium), developer/publisher/nvidia logo videos (skippable or not), waiting for it to check online content or similar that I'm not interested in, checkpoint saves, having to go to the main menu before being able to quit the game and always crashing on exit (Bethesda games, I'm looking at you here).

    I play games for fun, not to have my time wasted. I also like to be able to play a game in the 20 minutes I've got to kill before doing something else, but with some it just doesn't feel worth it.

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    5 different WHOOOOSHHHH KABOOOOOMMMM TADAAAAAAAAAAAA Logos at the start of every single bloody game that you start up.

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