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    Considering I've lurked on the forum for a while and I've been playing for longer I should make an appearance on this thread..

    Real Name - Paul Pearson (Also, I'm 'Lynche' in-game, I'm Safilpope on another server)
    Age/Location - 22 / Edinburgh
    What do you do when not slaughtering TR scum? - I'd be working as a doorman if it weren't for my bum knee, mainly work with the Red Cross (should qualify as a first aid trainer in a few months if I'm lucky)
    What brought you to Rock Planet Shotgun/Rock Traitor Shotgun? - The RPS website, spandex, enlightenment, disco, giraffes, disco-giraffes. You know, the usual
    Were/are you active in another RPS community? - Nope
    Anything else you want to know? - What is the maximum air velocity of a fully laden giraffe?
    Picture (if you want) -
    Me on a recent trip to Moscow (Scotland)
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