Daylight is a horror game featuring a procedurally-generated environment. With only the light of a cell phone to guide them, players will navigate the halls of a dark building as a woman who’s just woken up. Every experience will be different as rooms are randomly generated, and players will only learn about the game’s story via clues they discover as they explore.

IGN article, includes screenshots. Made by Zombie studios, who got a healthy injection of ex-Monolith staff over the last couple of years. I see the guys in charge of FEAR's ghosts are on board lol

At DICE, IGN had a chance to speak with Zombie creative director and studio head Jared Gerritzen as well as Jessica Chobot, who wrote the game.

Disclaimer: Jessica Chobot is an industry personality who hosts The Weekly 'Wood, Strategize and Mix’d Reviews for IGN and works independently as a voice actor and television host for G4, Microsoft, and more. Jessica does not write about games for IGN and will not be involved in our coverage of Daylight.

I had a dream starring Chobot a couple of weeks ago and then I was in love with her for a couple of hours.

Anyway, Daylight will be released via Steam, as Valve has allowed Zombie to circumvent the Steam Greenlight process. The game will cost $20 or less and will be released some time in 2013.

Gerritzen explained that Zombie will be taking an episodic approach to future Daylight content. “After we release Daylight, it’s going to be considered Chapter 1,” he said. “And Chapter 2 and more chapters will come out, and each chapter will not be a reboot or anything. It’ll just be more systems that get added to the bucket and more story elements and all that.”