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I see a problem: random generated content is good if you game has big replayability, and the randomness is not the content (the content being something else).

But a mistery game? would be something that you only play once?

Anyway we got that "elevator" mod for garris mod, that was great. So maybe this is a cool idea.
Well, theoretically, it would alter the mystery? Sort of like playing Clue with friends.

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And if this thread were about a male figure in the gaming industry whose biggest claim to fame was posting a picture of himself sticking his tongue in the disc slot of a Wii, do you think nobody would be making any sexual jokes or remarks, or calling him an attention whore?
And I think that a male figure could do that and people would say it was "ironic" and nobody would care. In fact, I distinctly recall quite a few over the years who have done that and made jokes and are still "taken seriously" for their writing.

Hell, the more "fun" RPS articles tend to involve innuendo and really awkward (yet humorous) jokes, but "nobody" goes on a rant that RPS is nothing but a joke site.