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    Quote Originally Posted by tomeoftom View Post
    A UI to handle this would have to be completely unlike anything before, though. A mouse is still far better for Windows, Mac, and Unix, obviously. Unless you involve buttons somehow, you'll never know "yes, I definitely clicked".
    I don't think that's the problem. Theoretically, a visual or auditory cue that tells you a gesture has been executed is identical to the tactile feedback of a button click. Where gestures often fail is spatial precision (where the mouse excels) and sequences of actions (where the keyboard excels). If the software interpreting the gestures is precise and has a low latency, it could conceivably be as good as a mouse. It's unlikely that gestures could do anything better than a keyboard, but that's probably more due to user experience than anything else. If you could teach it sign language, it might even be better at text input! Of course, that requires the user to also know sign language...

    I can see it be useful for basic interactions such as closing or minimizing windows, switching tabs, showing the desktop, clicking 'OK', 'Cancel', 'Next', 'I Agree', or any other action that is never context-sensitive but always requires the mouse to be in a specific position.

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    Thumbs up to literally click ok?! :D

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    Yes, let's not forget that your gestures do not need to be free floating. You can hold an object in your hands or use your hands as controllers in a more traditional sense--pressing your fingers together at certain points and in certain combinations fires different "buttons". A pincer movement with my thumb and index finger left clicks. And so forth.
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    My first thought for this, as it was for the Oculus Rift, was "this'd be great for the DCS series".

    Even without tactile feedback, being able to reach over to the virtual switches and flip 'em... aww yeah

    If this takes off, improvements in the tech will probably give it a wider field-of-effect, so you could, say, use two hands without having to have them right next to eachother in front of your monitor..
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    would wait for your review. it would be good to get more firsthand information.

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