From SOE Forum:

Hot Fix Summary :

Depot - G30 Walker and G40-F Ranger now available for Sunderer
Membership status info pane will correctly show players membership tier
Medical kits can be resupplied again
The Stronghold will no longer occasionally spawn players at a bad location
Prowler Anchor projectile speed bonus was incorrectly set too high
Hill climbing restrictions on Flash Turbo removed
Improved some oddities with vehicle collision causing excessive damage
Fixed some issues with fall damage being a little more punishing than it should have been, especially falling onto vehicles

Gameplay adjustments:

Nanite Auto Repair System
Disabled from damage time decreased by 2 seconds.
Amount of damage repaired increased for all vehicles

ESF Composite Armor
Increased bonus against flak by 5% each rank.
Increased bonus against small arms fire by 2% each rank.

M14 Banshee
Increased direct hit damage to 140 (up from 110).
Magazine certline adjusted to 6/9/12/15.

Lock-on weapons (A2A Missiles & Lock-on heavy assault weapons)
Lock-on Angle reduced. Targets must be closer to the center of the crosshair in order to lock-on.

NS Annihilator
Base lock-on acquire time increased from 2 seconds to 3 seconds.