I was wondering if a modem can be a bottleneck for my download speeds? Its a Thomson TG585 v8 and its one of those stock ones you get when you sign up to a new ISP (Plusnet, 8mb). Its also connected to a router.

Anyway its about 2 and a half years old now and a couple of months ago the exchange in the village finally got upgraded. So going from a 800kb/s speed to 2MB(Steam Downloading) was a big thing. I am sure it could go a little faster then that as I am only 90 meters away from the exchange? I also went onto Plusnet to see what packages I could upgrade and damn I can not only get a package that is faster (16mb), it is also unlimited and 5 cheaper per month. Its really strange but I suppose there is a lot more competition to choose from now that I don't live in a arse backward village.

I am waffling so in short should I buy a new modem to take advantage? Will it increase my speeds? I have seen these ASDL+2 modems which I am sure I can get now and work. Not 2 years ago when I was sucking on copper wiring instead of fibre optics.