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I've also found it difficult to listen to both sets of chatter and then passing on the message to the SL and it being heard.

I was only on at the beginning when things were still a bit hectic but I thought that squads could have worked more closely together. It felt like while we were working on the same objective we were just zerging really. There wasn't any cohesive squad movement, covering each other etc. Also, when more than one squad was at an objective everyone just kind of got jumbled amongst each other.
Harsh, but kind of true. I tried to keep my squad moving in parallel to the other two, constantly harassing Zekone to ask what they were up to. And, btw, Zekone, you were crucial.

Next setup I think we have to plan it a bit more, and also perhaps not use ROs. Take a slower pacing. Squad cohesion was excellent, and that showed on how we steamrolled from our WG down to the NC one. Platoon cohesion still needs a lot of work.