I've actually ended up as PL for most of my play time over the weekend, so haven't suggested TACGIR since I wouldn't have been able to split off (I'd step up as a TACGIR SL, but it will be a rocky learning experience).

When I was running the platoon during an Amerish alert on Sunday afternoon in the last 10-15 minutes we all (3 squads) split up and went to different bases in a desperate attempt to cap more territory. It actually turned out OK (we eventually settled on 2 bases and won both), but the confusing mess of comms, with orders, warnings and suggestions of where to go, was rather stressful.

I think in future when PLing I'll make the suggestion that if a squad wants to go to a different base, or if an SL wants to give their squad its own orders, then they should split comms too (either in a AB+CD setup or into TACGIR, I'm not fussy). In hindsight it should have been obvious and I've thought the same thing before, but in the moment I forgot.

I've PLed a reasonable number of times now (usually on lazy weekend afternoons) and never really asked for feedback. If anyone has any let me know.