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    Sly Cooper Thieves In Time

    No sooner do I wrap up Ni No Kuni, but another PS3 exclusive I've been wanting comes out!

    I just wanted to point this out to anyone who owns a PS3 and, more specifically, are fans of the series. It's as good as Sly 1-3 mechanically, though I don't think the new writers are quite as good as those at Sucker Punch (and if you don't think a franchise about cartoon animals can be well-written, you, me, and my English degree are going to have words out back).

    However, the game is almost slavishly devoted to the mechanics and structure of the earlier titles (specifically Sly 2 and 3) which means that anyone who demands dramatic changes or updates need not apply. Also, the hacking minigames are back in full force, though they are thankfully a bit better this time around. Apparently the game was pitched to Sony after the devs made a prototype, and Sony accepted despite having no plans to make a Sly 4, so I, for one, cut them a little slack based on their clear fanboyish affection for the franchise. Also, my hat's off to Sony for not being assholes and just shutting them down.

    Also in the game's favor is the fact that it is only $40, is a Vita crossbuy (as if that impresses anyone), and seems to have no hooks for nickel-and-dime DLC.

    If you enjoyed the franchise in the past, this is as good a sequel as you could hope for. If you never played the series and are curious, start with the Sly HD collection, since at this point it provides much more content for a lower price.
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