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    Can't play Max Payne 3

    I am lost.

    I bought Max Payne 3 on Steam and can't make this game work. More exactly I can't log on the social club to play the game. The game tells me I am not connected to the internet, but I am.

    I tried several things: openning ports, disablying firewalls, reinstalling everything, putting the game in win xp compatibility mode. I opened a ticket on the Rockstar website but they closed it without answering me...

    I am really pissed off.

    Anyone had this problem and solved it ? Because it sickens me... I don't give a f**k about multiplayer and I am forced to log on their garbish social club to enjoy the solo mode...

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    2 choices, crack it or contact steam support for a refund
    I am once again writing a blog, vaguely about playing games the wrong way

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    Put your PC into the 'DMZ' in your router (e.g. make it the default route for all traffic)

    Disable Windows Firewall (or if you use another - disable that)

    Sign-up - do whatever it wants - and I'm pretty sure on subsequent plays it won't give a shit about no connection (so you can remove your PC from the DMZ and re-enabled the Firewall)

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    Had a similar issue, and it turned out that I wasn't using the most recent version of Social Club (for some reason?). I manually downloaded the patch from the Rockstar site and it worked fine. (I would try that first)

    And I can confirm that trjp is correct - RSSC doesn't seem to give a haply crap once you've signed in already. I can run LA Noire in offline mode with no problem. If it's still giving you a hard time, try signing up on the Rockstar Social Club site ( It could just be reporting the wrong error.

    Lastly, could have to do with your Microsoft .NET framework. Try downloading the most recent version and attempting to log in again.

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