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  • Sakheola
  • Buffet
  • Skyline
  • Crash Site (testing)
  • Save the Saviors (testing)
  • The Colonels (testing)

An excellent session, I hope you'll agree. Due to the Bodgist faction mounting an attack on the Swiss gold reserves that Tiger's castle is constructed of, he had to take an early hiatus from the session, but we loyal FAsheviks pushed on with the counter attack in the post-match testing session. We started with Sakheola (Hello darkness, my old f..*BOOM*), and after a very closely fought battle in the pitch blackness of the Takistani winter we decided to brighten things up with some cooperation, in the form of Buffet (Hail to the bus driver!). ASR_AI turned up to evict us from hasty positions on the Takistani foothills we'd lost so many men for, and we retreated to the mountains for Skyline ("Do you think they see us?" *BZZZZRRRRT* "Yup"). We again got absolutely wiped by the incredible tenacity of ASR_AI. At this point we thought we'd go a little experimental; Crash site (AN2s are crap Kamikaze) was a maelstrom of parachutes and bullets. I don't really know who won that one, there was so much shooting! Finally (for me, at least) came Save the Saviors (LZ Bo-selecta is compromised!). A crash early on meant that the Delta force was down to 1/3 strength - not good. They then proceeded to get interdicted by several RPG rounds upon attempting to make a rooftop landing - even worse! After that, I've heard that The Colonels (A major hazard as far as I'm concerned) was played. I'm sure Azoz murdered Aziz. Or is it the other way around?

And now, things have gotten a little fuzzy. I see men, men in brown coats. They're pointing guns, so many guns... :suicide:

(Thanks to everyone for coming along! Please give mission feedback and your AARs below)
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