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  • Compound it
  • Convoi Polloi
  • Internecine (Zarga)
  • Cholo
  • Cow Herding

Today's session started damn well; some really nice maneuvers and hill-fights in Compound it resulted in an unexpected OpFor win. Moving on to Convoi Polloi - a total win! Sort of. Some construction works held up extra hostiles, so we'll chalk it up as a victory. Some unknown radio traffic is preventing me from reading what happened in between this mission and internecine, so I'll assume it never existed. A hot (exploding truck) start to Internecine quickly turned into a whitewash - IndFor total victory! Finally, we played a little Cholo, and then a little testing - cows love OPFOR, it turns out.

Thanks everyone for coming along, thoughts, opinions and shouting below. SHOUTING! :psyboom:
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