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  • Clergyman
  • Rolling Bohica Part 2
  • CompoundIt
  • Roadside II
  • Swept SE (adversarial version)
  • Chernolo (afterparty)
  • Chernolo (more afterparty)
  • Chernolo (even more afterparty)
  • Fuel Utopia (...)

At its peak, tonight's session saw 59 comrades in-mission together; I'm writing this post at 23:30 UK, a full 4 hours after the session start, and a double-figures afterparty is still raging. You comrades rock!


What didn't rock, or at least didn't go to plan, was the over-emphasis on NVG-less low-light fighting that characterised the first half of the session; for that, please accept my apologies as the session host. Clergyman's dawn setting worked as intended, but even after the bright daylight of CompoundIt, it was not a wise choice to run with the NVG-less dusk of Roadside II in a session that had already featured the terrifying blackness of Rolling Bohica Part 2. I'm just thankful that, unlike with my 5-year-old, I don't have to cuddle Tigershark when he's afraid of the dark. I just have to follow him up a hill and get shot in the face. Wait ...

Anyway, we opened up with a frantic battle to save a man of the cloth from captivity in a church (or prevent that from happening) in comrade Wilson's new adversarial, Clergyman, which featured a generational clash of BMPs. Then, picking up from the [Sun] 27 Jan 2013 (Keep on truckin') session, we completed Rolling Bohica Part 2 despite the horror of Horsemeat Hill, where much of Alpha met its end at the hands of darkness ... and friendly grenades. CompoundIt gave us a brief respite in the warm sunshine of Takistan, where BLUFOR was eventually put to the sword by INDFOR, despite some great individual acts of skill (I'm looking at you, cache-detonating-pilot-dude). Then it was back-to-black, as KSK puppets murderised our brave Takistani Army motorised platoon in the second sequel of the night, Roadside II. The official session closed-out with the adversarial version of Swept SE, which made us feel better - by providing sunlight - and then shot us in the face. Well, we shot each other in the face.

As ever, please post your thoughts, feedback, screenshots and video here (PM any of the hosts for details of FA YouTube channel) - and remember there the a new video ident by comrade YouTube Hero SuperU. Posts in the AAR threads really helps us (the hosts and mission makers), both with understanding how we can improve the experiences, and showing potential comrades what our sessions are like.

For more replies (and to add your own), please see: http://www.folkarps.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=641