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    Quote Originally Posted by ado View Post
    I agree... I think Valve time came from TF2 being in development FOREVER (year or two since they've finished HL1 basically). And they kept delaying it over and over. Valve is a fun company to follow I must say, you never know what you'll get but you know it's gonna be great.
    The Valve time thing came from Valve repeatedly pushing back HL2 and then HL2:EP1 & HL2:EP2. As far as anyone was concerned TF2 was dead in the water.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ado View Post
    a. it's a release date, something that no one in this industry knows how to keep
    That completely ignores the fact that Valve, and Gabe in particular, consistently stated it would make that release date despite knowing at the start of 2003 that it had no hope in hell. Yes, it's a release date, and things change. But Valve outright ignored reality in presenting the release date to the press and then were apparently hoping that nobody would notice. Then of course the leak happened and demonstrated how far behind it was.

    Quote Originally Posted by ado View Post
    b. Valve was hacked, the game leaked online, they publicly said so and have rightfully decided to redesign most of the game
    The dangerous part of the leak was the source code but since no widespread piracy of the Source engine occurred I doubt it would have destroyed anybody. It just made Valve look stupid. In any event, the idea that the delay was due to the leak is a myth.

    The leak had nothing to do with the delay - if you look at the leak and read HL2: Raising the Bar, the vast majority of the changes had already been implemented or were in that process when the leak was released. Much of the playable content isn't significantly different from the final product in terms of tone. The old HL2 (with the heavier dystopian themes) found in largely unused models and the WC Mappack was already depreciated by that point. The idea that the leak delayed the game is a myth - Valve outright failed to develop a coherent game that played well, just like with Half Life, and had to drastically change it to actually end up with something playable. All of this was before the leak.

    All you need to do is look at the leak and the timestamps and follow the development timeline to see how the leak didn't really change much. Or look here. Either way blaming the leak for the delay isn't factual... if not because of the timestamps and content, then because the leak was released in October, after the September 2003 release date, well after Valve knew it would never make it.

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