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    Get to know your glorious leaders!

    Are you a mighty balloon leader in the glorious Giraffe ranks? Please post here, taking some time out of your busy giraffe business, so that your disciples may understand how you intend to lead them to mighty victory!

    Please, only post here if you are a platoon leader. There should be no need for any other posts.

    (Please try to be honest in detailing what you're like. We're not all perfect, but that's why we have a platoon behind us to prop us up where we're not so hot. For instance, I dislike out-right attacks and much prefer to defend. Highlighting key aspects of your mind-set probably wouldn't harm either.)

    In other words, all of us who lead do so in a manner that tends to be different to the others. These differences may be small, or, they could be fundamentally different. It's important as an outfit that when someone is leading, we understand how they come to the decisions they make in-game. An appreciation of this should help general platoon activities during the playing week.

    I'll start, naturally, with myself: thejgman

    I like to make decisions based off all the information available. I spend a lot of time looking in the map, working out where the enemy is and requesting information from people - I don't mind plenty people talking because I'm usually with my map open working out which is the priority (and I can filter out the general chatter if necessary). As a result of this, I tend to be reactionary and specific in movement. I favour mobile forces who are prepared to move on a whim and relocate, be it en route or mid-defence, specifically in the case of the latter if it's going to be fruitless; I don't like sending people into a pointless grind in defence.

    In reality, this means I greatly prefer being put on the defensive. If you're fighting under me, my attacking movements tend to be counters rather than an out-right aim of taking X location Y territories away. It means I will occasionally send squads to different locations, with specific objectives in mind, but never too far away from each other as to prevent them from supporting one another. Finally, when we are on the offensive, I will ask for opinions on where to go, based on if people like fighting at a certain spot or have any other reason.
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