Just started this thread as we've started to go crazy in posting new stuff in the film thread that isnt actually relevant to the "official" teaser I'm preparing.

- So far, Rizlar has agreed to do some illustrations

- Ive gotten my friend Jeff to record some lines & film for us.

- Daz will be recording ingame footage

- Ive "sortof" decided on the music.

- Storyboard is halfway finished.

NOTE: even though I am using outfit members for various functions, and I will be needing a lot of extras/actors, this is not a community decision type thing. I decide on the script and final product, all I want is for you to trust me to make a funkay awesome thing.

Also, there will be a poster, and if Rizlar wants to, I can make them available for print. No money will be made off of all this, so if we actually print them and send them to people, itll be at the cost of whomever wants them.