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    US Vanu players, RPS needs you!

    TR are starting to play dirty. I suspect the russians are involved, they were a pain in the arse in perpetuum online too.

    so anyone that has been fighting on connery, or other US servers, please help us out. at around 4 AM CET, miller keeps getting overrun. if you guys could help out, we would be eternally grateful.
    - Tom De Roeck.

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    I too would like to ask support from our American Vanu friends.

    Miller is nothing but a sea of red from the TR now, and not because they've captured the entire thing through actually fighting and murdering us, but by having a massive massive population bonus and ghost capping in the middle of the night.

    While I love our fights against them in the day, it's somewhat painful and annoying to know, no matter how hard we push back, as soon as we all have to start logging off to go to bed, they're just going to take it all back again.
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