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I look at the announcements of new and drool worthy games like the Witcher 3, whatever obsidian's doing by all accounts, and star citizen. I know that i likely wont buy them though, or only after extensive rationalization when there on a preposterously cheap sale. Billions are sunk into this industry, and on a site which discusses current events in gaming, apple's and others prohibitive outlook on such, closed markets and much else, i struggle to yes, justify the 40 quid i spent on Arkham City, or even to a lesser extent the ridiculously cheap bundles i snapped up. Do games, especially games as they are now, or even in their ideal form, need this much time and resources, irrespective of how much i want to venture into new worlds? Aren't their better ways of doing it, of sating our need for rest and relaxation and creativity without neglecting the rest?
I got two things from this:

1) You're a cheapskate: You admittedly love the games but refuse to pay for them.
2) You're an obsessive: You say you lose sleep over games, but playing them nonstop is not a requirement.