Ebay is not a popular auction web here since we have our owns which are protected from foreign competition, but this offering surely catch our attention. Many here commented that judging from the opening bid, there is not much monetary reward for the seller, not to mention paying off the effort he/she had put all those years into collecting the goodies. This is surely an awesome collection absolutely worthy of its price. I wonder though, how long would the check on delivery take to verify working conditions of those many items?

I am not surprised that someone may want to offer such collection though. If you have been gaming for years, you would realize that you need to relinquish old possessions to move on to new tech. I gave up my old Xbox and Playstation 2 to my friend after realizing that I no longer want to spare my gaming time on the old games. Now I start recollecting Playstation 2 images for emu but I cant really bring myself up to play them. Too busy with PlanetSide 2.

Last time I check the bidding has been closed.