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    Tomb Raider: Better Gameplay with Mouse+Keyboard or Joypad?

    Here the game will be available tomorrow (but Xbox / Playstation versions have already been available since they dont require online activation, sigh). It looks very much like a Third Person Shooter. So, do you think it works better with gamepad or mouse+WSDA?

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    Third person games are tricky. I've played some which are better with M+KB and others better with pad.

    Depends entirely on the precision of camera control you want I find and what kind of third person game it is.

    For obvious reasons, hack and slash third person games are better with a pad because analogue control offers smoother crowd control.

    Shootymcbang third person games are better with a m+kb for me.

    The only oddity in my list is the sands of time trilogy. I've played all three games on both PC and the original xbox. Its way better with m+kb because the mouse gave me precision camera control for all the platforming and puzzle sections.

    As for your request, the Tomb Raider games are better with a pad I find. I've played them interchangeably on PC/360 since Legend and the pad is smoother for the platforming.

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    I find it better with mouse but for QTE gamepad is maybe better,at least in my experience. Otherise you can play perfectly fine with keyboard and mickey mouse.

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    Can't imagine playing a QTE heavy game with m&kb. My brain simply doesn't react as quickly when the prompt is a grey square with "LMB" written on it instead of a blue circle with a X inside.

    I'd love to see if the gamepad is adequate for combat, but the game keeps crashing and I can't get past the intro.
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    I've found pad to be the way to go, I prefer it for the jumping and qte's. Honestly the combat is pretty trivial and it feels like one of those games where it will get easier as you go through and unlock more abilities (like the dodge counter).

    The precision of the M&KB will probably net you more headshots, but I'm terrible at aiming with a pad and have had no trouble whatsoever.
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