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    Quote Originally Posted by ado View Post
    Again, you are comparing comic books being adapted in to movies (not only is it an adaptation of a pre-existing franchise but it is adapter ACROSS MEDIUMS) with old games getting "spiritual successors" today (which stay in the same medium, and they're a NEW IP).


    and proceeding with your tunnel-vision arguments.
    I'm sorry, you were making a point but then you tripped over yourself. Would you like to try again?

    Here, another analogy ('cause I like 'em so much,) since you seem to be having trouble making the connection:

    Watterson retired, ending Calvin & Hobbes. As with all popular entities, that void has since been filled with a number of similar syndicated strips, foremost among them Zits by Borgman - indeed, it's comprised of the same subject matter, the same tone, and similar art style... except not as funny or biting. Funny, that.
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