We set up an Indiegogo a week ago for a little not-too-serious game, mainly as a perk for helping us pay for our cat's eye operation. Don't really need the promotion as we're fully funded, but though it'd be fun to show people anyway since it's turning out to be rather silly.

Indiegogo page here:

There are some non-cat-related stretch goals too, mostly involving software licenses so I can make the actual real game I am working on a bit better, and to perhaps put this silliness on mobile devices. If we don't reach it, we'll likely just donate the money to the nearby cheetah sanctuary.

The other game is this:


Over-game similar to SPAZ. Gameplay bits reminiscent of Desert Strike, Raid Over Bungeling Bay, Cyclone. General flavour is 60s-ish, Thunderbirds, Stingray, New Avengers.