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not really. i mean it is all technically connected, but where you start as a class makes a pretty big difference in the early game. and it seems like that at first, that all the nodes are minor and uninteresting, but that couldn't be further from the truth. in terms of the passive tree, it's all about paths: paths to the big keystones that can define a build and what you take along the way. things like blood magic (which removes mana), chaos inoculation (sets your hp to 1 and makes you immune to chaos damage), resolute technique (removes the ability to crit, makes your attacks never miss) and dozens more are extremely important nodes, so the passive tree becomes about building toward those crazy combinations that can make some really interesting (or horribly gimping) shit happen.
The fact that it's called a passive tree doesn't mean it's any less boring. I'm not saying they lied to me or anything, it's called a passive skill tree and...it's full of passives, i expected it. That still doesn't make it very fun.

I think you're overlooking the fact that you need a lot of levels to reach those cool passives like blood magic and chaos inoculation. To get to the chaos inoculation for example, you will have MANY level ups where all you do is get 10 extra intelligence or some boring passive like that and after i get inoculation, again "wasting" skills to get to blood magic. I could go 10 level ups in a row with nothing interesting about them, barely making my character any better, interesting or fun. You see my point? Each level up should be cool, especially at lower levels but it's not the case.

Don't wanna sound so negative, the game is good, but i just think that a different level system, maybe even more traditional like diablo 2, would have made it an awesome game.