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    I prefer playing as a good character while being a bit... naaaughty rather than a total heartless jerkass. Being evil doesn't sit well with me no matter how hard I try as it always felt hollow and it's just evil for the sake of it. I do bend the rules a bit because in Fallout or Alpha Protocol, it's a fun choice
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    I prefer to roleplay something more grey, like many other people here. But yeah most games give you an evil option that is just stupid rather than interestingly corrupt or the lazy/easier path.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iridescence View Post
    I loved the quest in NWN2 where the evil option had you co-operate with corrupt city officials and take bribes for doing so, earning extra gold. That's the way it should be. Good should be harder to maintain than evil and lawful good should be the hardest alignment of all.
    I don't know why but I oftentimes find Lawful and Good to be directly opposing terms, as Laws are made by (oftentimes corrupt) people and not all laws are Good. Like laws that allow slavery or are racist, or sexist, nationalist etc (and things like this pop up all the time in RPGs). And I do agree that it is hard to play but I wouldn't say it's the hardest.

    And Chaotic Good does not allow you to kill, it just allows you disregard the establishment and it's laws. Actually the GOOD part should not allow you to kill easily, because it is a morality stance. Or so I feel at least. When you think about it every type of character alignment is hard to play at it's pure form.
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    I'm running out of ammo,i'm killing everything on my path :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by ado View Post
    I don't know why but I oftentimes find Lawful and Good to be directly opposing terms, as Laws are made by (oftentimes corrupt) people and not all laws are Good.
    Spoken like a true Chaotic Good. I'm comfortable with Chaotic and Lawful expressions of good, but then I am Neutral Good, so I would feel that way.

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    I think for me I swing towards doing the right/lawful thing, until something happens to make me not give a damn about other people. This usually is fostered by the Elder Scrolls games, the Fallout series, DayZ, and FarCry 2.

    For example:
    "They killed my old slavic backup buddy, and now I'm gonna fucking burn Africa."
    "Thanks for alerting the horde idiot, thanks for the beans fucker."
    "Fuck this city, you all are monsters, you got what you deserved."

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