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    [VS] Giraffes - Our allies


    As you might have seen lately we have been working with a few other outfits and successfully coordinating. Which is very good! The problem is that I haven't shared this information with you guys. I have been talking quite a few platoon/outfit leaders now for a week or so and have been getting friendly. These guys are our allies:

    Contact person: Justicia, UndercoverDolphin
    Information: Largest outfit on Miller. Not very organized. The two contact persons should be responsive and lead platoons.

    Contact person: VanuMason
    Information: SecretPrototypes new outfit. I asked them to tell him to stop TKing and the dude was so friendly about it we had a new ally.

    PVL/PV - Purple Valour
    Contact person: IrateRedKite
    Information: Rather small, less then 12. Have joined us numerous times in the platoon, and that worked very well. Very skilled and organized. Perfect spec-ops team.

    Contact person: EuroBob
    Inforamtion: Very small. Likes to do daring moves and cut off the enemy and will almost always do that in a larger fight (or act as recon).

    ISK - Immortal Serial Killers
    Contact person: ISKNemesis, Thunderhawk
    Information: Seem fairly large but very inactive in leaderchat. Have never worked with them.

    DWG - DeathWatch Gaming
    Contact person: rompafrolic (or something), Davelantor, Archangel
    Information: Largely air focused outfit. Highly organized and skilled, quite a few of them. Can be a bit hard to get a hold of.

    Contact person: Starkey, Fishstick
    Information: Not that active nor large, but they're good and like to work with us.

    MDK - Mandrake
    Contact person: Kretaro, Fittipaldi, Pirutoko
    Information: Quite big, quite spanish. Their organization is similar to ours but more casual - if they're training or just playing the PL can't move the platoon "forcefully". That seems to mean that they might be stuck on Indar or other cert heavy places if they aren't in tactical mandrake as Fittipaldi calls it. When they are though (and ask for that), oh boy are they good! Quite often at least a platoon when they are tactical, and they can take and hold anything.

    VC - Vanu Corporation
    Contact person: Stanis, Basti
    Information: I don't know much about these guys. Maybe Cooper does?

    Contact person: Igster
    Information: Never worked with these guys.

    FRC - French Connection
    Contact person: Roumata
    Information: Seems fairly large, again, not worked with them yet.

    LFS - Long Forgotten Soldiers
    Contact person: Clarkeh, Gimpylung
    Information: Haven't worked with them yet.

    DW - Druckwelle
    Contact person: Flexiz
    Information: Seem pretty big. Haven't worked with them yet.

    F - Furious
    Contact person: Pulseh
    Information: No idea who these guys are except that they are in TVA.

    LDD - Libertas de Dominatus
    Contact person: Evander, ginsoakedboy
    Information: No idea, in TVA.
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