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    Counter-Terror [free game inside!]

    Hey guys!
    I'm a game developer, and while I worked on few big projects in the past, at the moment I mostly live out of flash\mobile games and outsourcing. just published our latest game, and I'd love to share it with other RPS users like me, so here is it:

    It's called Counter-Terror, and it's a 1 or 2 players shooter, featuring lots of enemies, explosions, destroyable stuff, and funny (I hope!) dialogues.

    It's quite challenging, especially if you play in "hard mode", maybe way more than the average flash game, but that's the way we like it!
    It features 6 stages with three different themes, 1 special level (3rd stage) and a cool final boss :]

    And here's a video a friend of mine recorded while playing :)

    Thanks and have fun!
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