So this confuses me... Paradox made a wargame with many similarities to its past grand strategy games that was focused on multiplayer... MULTIPLAYER. These games were never built for multiplayer (in my opinion). Instead they focused on a solid single player experience. Now Paradox has something fresh, March of the Eagles. March of the Eagles is more focused on player interaction and its mechanics are not as deep as other games they have developed but it is still very fun and the multiplayer (which I have spent five hours in so far) is outstanding. The game is balanced for multiplayer, the coalitions are fantastic and the overall experience is incredibly rewarding.... BUT NO ONE CARES! I can't find a single review, no RPS talks abut it, no actual Steam Forum for it.... I joined a group of guys from the Paradox forum to play with yesterday and we had loads of fun, but it feels like the world is passing this one over. Therefore:

1. Why is there so little hype/talk/coverage?

2. Is there something about this game that people hate?

I just found it to be very interesting and would like people's take on it.

*edit* I just realized that my title should be "Why doesn't anyone care about March of the Eagles?" please forgive me as I have no idea how to fix that.