Okay, so. I felt it was long past time we have a thread specifically for this.

Your favourite loadout w/ commentary on why it's the best and how it performs. Not just the stuff on it, but what you do with it and how you roll with it.

http://mwo.smurfy-net.de/mechlab <--- Great utility for looking over builds and thinking about them.

In the interest of starting things off, here's my current LRM boat build:


4 LRM 15s
2 Medium Lasers
1620 LRM rounds

And it creaks along at 56.7 KPH.

It feels slow. Slower than it should at 56, which is fast for an assault. Part of that is because of the LRMs -- heat isn't usually a problem if I slow down here and there, but there is literally nothing I can do with this thing except find somewhere, sit, and launch LRMs.

And those 1620 rounds? Those don't last long. It's 27 flights, roughly, which gives me just under two minutes worth of LRM fire before I'm dry. Often I wind up missing targets more than I hit them, and it's generally safe to assume I will get mobbed and killed off the moment I get away from the safety of the rest of the lance. (Inevitable, because they zoom ahead!) The TAG helps, though, and once or twice I've managed to chase off an ECM light with my LRMs. When it all comes together, though, and the stars align and I wind up with teammates who'll hang onto targets for me? I wind up doing 800 + damage, and I'm not even that good with LRMs yet. (Yes, LRMs do take skill. Mostly in terms of timing and picking your targets.)

One of my favourite things to do, though, is find a target who's standing still, not locking onto them, and firing my LRMs at them. They don't (I think) get a ping, but they do get hit with close to sixty LRMs. >:D