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    New 1000 AD..A free strategy game

    Hey guy,

    I think this place has changed quite a bit since I was here awhile back. Oddly my account on on the main site still works but forums was different . Anyway. I had posted about my game here before and guess it is still ok to repost it. If not don't ban me, just use harsh language. :)

    Here is a quick video.

    Here is a quick idea of the game description.

    Free multiplayer turn based strategy war games based on medieval civilizations from the middle ages. Build and empire using guile and strength to outwit and overpower enemies from around the world. Using resources such as wood, iron and food begin building a small empire until it is the strongest in the game. Research more attack to improve army powers or defence to make your empire even harder to destroy. 10 different civilizations to choose from so the strategies are endless.
    Game is text based and games are played in rounds lasting 28 days on the standard game and 21 on the blitz game. In game chat allows new players to set up strategies or learn the game from older players. The forums have endless start up strategies and other ideas for players to learn and do well in the game fast.

    Here is home page.

    Here is quick tutorial page.

    Come by give it a try if you like text based games.
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    Sorry about bumping the thread since I hadn't posted in quite awhile but have some big changes going on at the site and wanted to let people know. We are moving to a private server today!!! That means no more server crashes and downtime so the game will run a lot smoother.
    Other changes since I last posted are we have installed brand new forums, got a new blog for the site , worked on a lot more tutorials to learn the game faster. We have added an auto protection option so if a person doesn't want to explore we do it for them. We will be adding a new game to the site next month as a test server to try out new things. Like new civilizations, Egyptians and Aztec civilization will be added to the game soon also.
    Stop by and try out the new server and see if the game runs faster. It better, it costs a lot more :) You can get to the game through this link

    or this page which will lead you to the tutorials, forums and all the other stuff a person needs to learn this game.
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