Just wanted to say that I totally called it when I first read about the control scheme for this game (which, for the record, I haven't played, because I don't have constant internet access). I thought, "Wow, the limited and highly specified slots sounds an awful lot like Dungeon Siege III's system, which was obviously designed with a controller in mind. I'll be very surprised if this doesn't come to consoles." Of course, the fact that Blizzard was teasing a console version for years also helped. :)

So now the real question: will the game have offline play? I'm going to say 'yes,' because every other competitor in the genre for that platform offers the feature. If it does, I am 100% willing to give the game a try because I try to be open-minded, but man, Blizzard will look like gargantuan assholes over this and I will enjoy every last second.

However, Sony so clearly wants the PS4 to have a big online, multimedia presence. Could they still be trying to beat Microsoft by offering free online services? Are they going to do so by bringing in third party systems that can set everything up without being hindered by their own inexperience, offer free and fast updates, and not really cost them anything? It's not a terrible idea, actually. PCs have largely free multiplayer for the very same reason; if they can make the next XBOX the odd man out on this front, they might actually have a *gasp* advantage!

Ah well. I'm just speculating. It's fun to logically think these things through and then see if the companies are as brilliant as you or amazingly stupid.