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    The End - Your results

    Since The End is at least partially a personality test, I'm interested in what you people got.

    My profile after finishing looked like this:

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    still playing it at the moment, bad platforming is bad. not very happy with the way some of the questions are presented either.

    "Is there such a thing as a cause worth dying for?" well no, because if you die you wont know if you succeeded will you. I certainly think there are times when you might risk your life for a cause, not die for one, but if you say no the dragon monster seems to think you are selfish or apathetic or something, so how am I supposed to answer that.
    "are humans cut off from the rest of nature?" is that asking if we have always been separate from the rest of the natural world, or is it asking if we have cut ourselves off from it?
    "is it possible to be happy by living in the moment?" well sure, for some people, thats not what its asking but thats the way its been presented to me so thats how I answered.

    I am going to finish it, mostly because its can go towards my list of games finished this year (this will be no32), but I like the idea of this more than the game itself.

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