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This is what I don't understand about criticisms of something like Dark Knight Rises. It's a fiction, a fiction in which both sides are repugnant and the audience's sympathies are with the one guy in a funny costume. Yes, the fiction looks a lot like the real world, though changed in fantastical ways, but that is why it is fictional. Plato would have something to say about not being able to distinguish fiction from fact. Also, there's an essay by Eco ('The Myth of Superman') about how and why good in Superman is defined as the law of private property. Both of which would be more productive avenues of discussion than handwringing over the perceived political injustices in the representation of a fictional world.

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Society runs on fiction. Economies run on fiction. Myth-making is the main business of any civilization. Most of the West's leisure time goes in to consuming elaborately-produced fiction churned out by massive billion-dollar industries, but somehow this has no impact on us? I'm not sure how the basic idea of culture could seem like such a silly idea to someone derisively suggesting Eco essays. I could suggest in turn you read some Joseph Campbell, or hell, even cite Plato right back at you, but instead I'll just propose that if you don't think the terms of a discussion are worthwhile, you'll probably be happier spending your time elsewhere instead of undermining someone's interests.