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    [VS] "Outfit chat / meeting" See post for time & minutes

    3rd "Outfit Chat"
    Wednesday 17th april at 8pm BST (UTC +1)

    Where: mumble
    What: See Below
    Who: Anyone & everyone

    1. Updates on previous meeting

    1.1 Logo
    We're getting close. This just serves as a reminder to go check the forum post. I would like a decision within the week...

    1.2 The Website
    "Submit an Event" setup. Any suggestions on how we publicise the outfit calendar are welcomed

    1.3 Training sessions
    The ball is finally rolling. Most of this is being discussed in a meeting tonight (Tuesday). This serves as a reminder to keep pushing for this and a thank you for those organising it.

    1.4 Outfit guide
    Has started. Go to the thread to get involved.

    1.5. Channel size / splitting comms
    Refer to section on TACGIR

    1.6. The Vanu Accord
    Feedback from Cooper on the meeting scheduled for Tuesday night with other TVA

    1.7 PL mentoring
    Some feedback on this welcomed. What can we do to improve this and make it more common?

    2. TACGIR
    We have a new body within the outfit known as the Tactical Giraffes (TACGIR).

    This section will serve to introduce TACGIR and its leaders, answer any questions about it and setup a basic framework on how it will work (channels, how to join, how to start a TACGIR session etc.)

    3. The Vanu Accord

    There is consistent grumblings about TVA. What can we do that esnures we get the most out of TVA?



    2nd Regular "Outfit Chat" on
    Wednesday 3rd April at 8pm UTC / 9pm BST
    Where: Mumble
    What: See below

    Who: Anyone & everyone
    (Really. This doesn't work if it's a tiny group of us.)


    1. Updates on
    previous meeting's agenda

    The logo
    YouTube website and need discussing.
    Primarily: We need to decide upon a logo. A lot of ideas have been thrown out and played about with. I will brieflymention this and point people towads the thread.

    1.2 PUG platoons. Have worked well. We will now be running them as "The Vanu Accord" public
    platoons (see why below). We need: Some basic guidelines. We will write these out during the meeting.

    1.3 Comm systems
    We did not get a chance to trial the two different systems suggested due to the "call to arms" night. Let's organise it so that we properly trial them in the two weeks after this meeting.

    The website
    Very rough draft out now at Aside from logo as above, what do we want here? What pages do we need, what edits do we need of what is there?

    2. New items

    2.1. Feedback from TVA chat with Stanis & UBAD people
    I will report back from a pretty intensive chat with UBAD folks and Stanis a couple of weeks ago. A few things came out of this.

    1) The liason role we have running is really, really appreciated by the others. They will try to get other people doing something similar, but the small size of the outfits makes the chances of them having people willing is low.

    2) The liason role when extends to the whole empire (i.e: not just RPS and other outfits, but organising information exchange across multiple squads) is very similar to the 'general' role a few CR5s took on in PS1. It involves using command chat and in game tells and orders to direct the zerg, suggest movements to other platoons, share information across the empire. I've done it a few time, as have others. It is basically the keystone to an empire working together. We have people here willing to do this, we should both push it and start sharing what we know about taking this role on.

    All TVA members will be being contacted to try and get them to more regularly use command chat and coordinate. Our efforts here are, again, very appreciated. We should discuss how we make an effort working more closely with outfits like MDk and IVRI we have worked with before.

    4) Public platoons are to be run as "The Vanu Alliance - Public Platoon" or somethig similar. This allows us to draw in SLs from across outfits, provides a "holding space" for members of small outfits with few people on and gets the TVA name out there.

    2.2 Training sessions
    Came up last time, but nothing's happened.

    We need this. Out average skill level on the field is, in all honesty, not that great. I am comfortable with this. We don't filter by ability and we don't (and we never should) expect people to be amazing at the game.

    What we need training on are things like basic FPS combat. PS2 has a very specific FPS 'feel' that does not sit comfortably with me. I am, in all honestly, really very shit at the "shooting stuff with lasers" bit of the game. Anyone who feels they are good at this aspect of the game please, please step forward and put together a small tutorial / training session.

    We could also do with training / practice on things like coordinated gal drops, movement as an armour group that does not end up with us piling over one another, maybe some scythe stuff.

    I envisage these sessions as 1-2 hour affairs. Maybe that take place in part in the VR area. I don't think it helps us to decide upon a given night for these to happen as those who are willing / capable to train should be able to say when is best for them. But this can be discussed. Ideally the outcome of this point of discussion are a number of dates / times of training sessions in the coming weeks that can be advertsied to the outfit.

    (The above sections 1 & 2should be done fast. No more than 20 mins if possible. There's big stuff to chat about)

    3. The Big Stuff

    3.1 An Outft "Manifesto"
    We need to decide:
    1) Who we are here for
    2) What we exist for
    3) An outfit "style"

    To my mind this is best written up as a (short) manifesto. We can hash one out as a group.

    3.2 Outfit Guidelines
    1) Communications (RIDE and others have written much about this. I will pull out example guidelines and we will finalise them and host them on and discuss how best to make sure we stick to them by encuraging people to act a certain way rather than regimenting it.)

    2) Player behaviour (and what to do if people are not excellent). Wibb and Eso get the kudos here. Let's have a short chat about their work.

    3.3 Channel size
    Shall we just nominate a size? Of is there something better we can do?

    3.4 TVA
    If we have time, and if not covered in the feedback I will provide.


    1st regular "Outfit Chat" on Saturday 02/03/2012 at 7pm GMT.
    Where: Mumble
    What: See below

    Who: Anyone & everyone
    (Really. This doesn't work if it's a tiny group of us.)

    (Why Saturday: it's to avoid drawing a specific 'crowd' related to the usual outfit nights but also to assure a good number of people are available.)

    There is a fuckload of discussion on these forums about the outfit. This is good.

    However I have always preferred chatting about things if decisions need to be made. Preferably face-to-face, but that's not gonna happen, so Mumble it is.

    The outfit has grown in a largely unstructured way. This is excellent. It means there's not one person or even a small group of people defining and determining how the outfit 'feels'. But we are also fucking huge. Bigger than I realised. Which means we do need more in the way of basic guidelines / rules so that there is some consistency from one night to the next.

    So. Agenda. Please add suggestions below. try to avoid actually discussing these below because, well, that's what's the meeting for. Feel free to keep discussing these things on the relevant threads though. These meetings aren't supposed to replace the forums but rather replace the current system when every now and then I put up a post that announces "how things are to be" and intervene in discussions with something a bit more organic.

    Agenda for first meeting (to be updated with suggestions)

    1. Communications & orgsanisation (over Mumble)
    - Friends of the outfit channel. What does this need to be? (Is the current setup where it's users & leader do?)

    - Leadership comms. What should the 'basic setup' be for this. We need something (fairly simple client-side) that every SL & PL can setup and use which can then be added to if they wish in a way that neither undermines the basic setup no requires SLs and PLs to fiddle about. What should this basic setup be? (I have some ideas that involve Mumjble's arcane ACL magic which I will suggest and try out as well)

    - Large, busy, casual nights. Does the 'overflow' to Special Giraffes work, or do we need some guidelines on this? How do we avoid undermining both the leadership of those in PL positions on busy nights and the desire many have to have large chatty channels but also get something that those who hate those same busy channels can use. Special giraffes was intended to solve this. I'm not sure it is. Can we arrange comms in such a way that this happens more naturally?

    - Leadership in large channels. What can be done to improve QoL for leaders of those huge nights? There was, of course, "that night" a few weeks ago that come to mind. But, in general, leadership of huge platoons is difficult anyway, let alone from the point of view of those recieving orders. What can we change with Mumble & what guidelines do we need (if any) about leadership on these nights?

    2. PUG platoons run by RPS
    - Feedback on those that have been run so far. What works & how. Do we keep doing these, do we try top step up how often we do them?

    - Draft some guidelines on "how to run a PUG platoon" so that it a) works in-game and b) works in synergy with the outfit platoon(s)

    3. Allies & Vanu on Miller in general
    - How are things going with our allies? Who are we making good progress with?

    - How have things gone when we've had outfits join our platoons? Should we have some guidelines about this (i.e: Getting their leaders into our Mumble so they are part of our leadership comms?)

    - Possible Miller-community-forum. It's something I've been thinking about. I'm going to have a chat with people in the new Miller TS and report back on that.

    - Recruitment? Do we? How? What have we got / what will we be getting to be able to ask for a possible rps feature like the other one?
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