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    I know that it was probably necessary to have all of the complex stuff, but in general I was a bit confused by the absolute mass of info I see currently. Not technically confused, just overwhelmed I suppose. I would much rather wait and read an up to date guide than trawl through a mass of information to find one needle of info I can use.

    Ive no problem with the implementation when the time comes, I was just asking to make sure that guides will be addressed and posted up on top so that there is a one stop easy setup.

    I also dont want to go setting anything up yet given that I see test this and test that, and several billion channels, if you see what I mean.

    Once its all up and the channels are finalised im sure it will be fine.

    Also, Will there be additional setup for different versions of comms, i.e. setup for normal platoon stuff/leadership roles and then separate setup for tacgir? This is one of the issues I had, Its a little confusing to have to deal with multiple slightly different systems, which is why one guide laying out how to set up all of these things sequentially would be extremely helpful and necessary as far as I can see.

    On a side note: I dont mean this at all offensively, though it may come across so, but quit playing the "non native speaker" card :P.. You non native guys are far more fluent and have a broader vocabulary than a lot of people. I would go so far as to say that there are a lot of native english speakers that have a far poorer understanding of the language than many of you folks. Its not to say that I dont appreciate you trying to do the best you can with our language, but that you really dont need to worry. I hope you understand .
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