Welcome to Exodus Unknown

We are not your normal Ultima Online Freeshard. We are the home of the Classic Ultima Online experience, Scripted to match the most modern MMO models. We are a PVP/PVE Server. No one is left out here!

Upon entering our shard, you will be taken to the beach of Kaadara, the capital of Kartia. There is NO skillcap and you will start with a Skillball for 500 skill points (5xGM), and some other goodies unique to our world. Take a few minutes to glance around at the most expansive custom scripting and world building you have seen on any shard.

We have introduced three custom lands, which are known as Shina'r, Kartia, and Ilse. These new lands have replaced Felucca, Ilshenar, and Malas. Furthermore, we currently we have 2 unlockable custom classes in-game, the Blue Mage and Assassin. Future custom classes, such as the Ranger and Bioengineer, are under development and nearing completion. While in-game you can switch to any of your characters with a simple command as long as you are standing in your home or an inn.

We have been striving to create a very balanced economy. One that is not driven by grinding constant champ spawns or "uber" drops. There are no single “uber” characters or items. Our shard is about balance and enjoyment for all players. Crafters who earn enough reputation with the various reputation groups, will have the ability to not only turn in a Rep. Quest for a reward, but to purchase needed power scrolls to level your character for a controlled price. This goes for all classes in-game.

Our custom systems include but are not limited to:

  • Custom Deco. (~3,000 NEW items, floors, walls, deco, gumps, clothes, equipables, and more!)

  • Player Leveling System. (Max lvl 80, ranking system to come soon, tiered xp gains in facets.)
  • Player Reputation System with 8 Reputation groups to gain in.
  • Extensively Customized Fishing and Treasure Hunting Systems.
  • Custom NPC’s and Monsters that all have unique special attacks and abilities.
  • Custom “Buffs” and Active/Passive Abilities.
  • Custom Crafting systems such as Ranger Bowcrafter, Pet Restore, and Culinary Master.
  • Custom built gumps to manage and enhance your gaming experience. (Progress bars!)
  • Custom Pet Cross Breeding with Traits, Species, Breed Abilities, Breed Limits, and More!
  • Truly custom creatures never seen in UO. (~85 NEW in-game animated models and mounts.)
  • Custom Decorated Homes. (With ~15 new custom wall types, ~20 new custom floors, and the thousands of deco items, your sure to find what you want!)
  • Customized Farming and Culinary System.
  • In-game Forums, Voting commands, Auction commands, and more networking utilities.
  • Custom crafting of “buff” items. (ex. Witchcraft for making magical skill foods.)
  • Custom Lore based Quests all over the shard. (None of that "Naruto" or forum trolling quests here!)
  • Extensive player made cities using the Player Government Sytem.
  • Custom Lands you have never experienced before! (With untold amounts of hours spent on the little details and touchs to each facet.)
  • Old Dungeons with new hidden areas and stealables!
  • Custom equipment drops with unique rarity, level requirements, color coding, and more!

All those items for years that had no value, all have value on our shard. There is never a time to be bored, or not play because all the champ spawns were done. We also have daily PVP tournaments, weekly ladders. We will have daily events and we are developing a custom system to redeem your Exodus Dollars when you want. Want to go mining and would like a +20 mining buff for an hour, use your Exodus Dollars. Gauntlets and Raids your thing? Try our 2 custom gauntlets that have many unique features. Better yet, there is more coming!

As the owner and the script-er for Exodus Unknown, I am committed to constantly developing our shard to enhance your playing experience. Drop by the website, leave a comment on our blog, or download the free client from the download tab and start playing!

We warmly welcome you to your new home and look forward to meeting and hearing from you on your experience.