I've been thinking of overclocking my new i5-3570k (Z77 mobo and an extra CPU cooler). Now, this is something I have never done before but I've been told it's simple. However, whenever I try googling for a step-by-step guide, what I get is some kind of hardcore YOU CAN REACH 5.0GHZ guides which seem to go out of their way to get those final few hertzes out of it. What I'd like to do is to overclock just a a little, without much fuzz, maybe from the stock 3.4Ghz to 3.8 or something like that, so that the temperatures don't rise much and the fan doesn't need to spin 100% all the time. I'm aware that the difference isn't that much then, but I figured that this sort of thing would be good for a first-timer.

Does anyone have a good source for this kind of absolute beginner's not-so-ambitious guide?