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Still unsure about the actual head shape though. Maybe thicken out the end of the snout a bit more and see how that looks.
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The giraffe silhouette I originally drew is crazy rough, for the actual logo I would be happy to draw one up properly.

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I feel there's little danger of us being mistaken for a US sports team. [...] they also clearly emote characteristics. Which is sometimes, what a logo is all about.
One of the characteristics that they all definitely communicate is American Football Team (or US sports team in general). I realise that we won't be confused for one, but we would be putting American Football Team as part of our image. Don't think that sort of sweaty macho competitive atmosphere is something we want to go for - perhaps what Cooper was getting at.

I do agree with you about wanting to try out more ideas tho, I previously posted about wanting to introduce some more structure, so we can properly explore a range of ideas before creating anything at all polished. Think we should stay away from talking any specific details (specific shades of colours, bevelled edges, minor tweaks, tongues etc) until we are ready to produce the final logo, since it's a waste of time/effort. That said, we have been at this for a while, not sure how much patience everyone has. Perhaps a quick call for entries, week long maybe, then finalise the ideas?

On a similar note, I still want to try making a Vanu-symbol-logo look like a giraffe. :P