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    The Banner Saga: Factions

    So I finally got around to creating my account for Stoic, really more interested in the single player but wanted to see how combat works. So rather than just jump into random matches and with my noob level team and get slaughtered I wanted to see if there were any like-minded individuals with relatively low ranks interested linking up over the challenge a friend option. I am ConcreteOtter on both Steam and in Factions. Feel free to add me.

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    Teams are matched against one another depending on how many special units they contain. So if you have 1 upgraded guy, youll match against 1 upgraded guy.
    2v2 upgraded guys etc.
    Dont worry about losing to other people with your team! Nothing bad comes of it.

    I dont like the fact that games with friends dont earn renown, as i need a lot of that stuff just to try every class and combination.

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